The Encyclopedia of the Paranoid is this website, and secretly, it hates you and you will eventually realise that you should bang your computer up, destroy it, and leave. Also, you have cancer, because that's definitely what that bruise ony our leg is. 

Why it hates youEdit

Your paranoia makes you think that all it does is hate you? Well, it hates you for a perfectly good reason - you're an idiot and nobody likes you. Exactly what you were afraid of.. 

Black translationEdit

da encyco of da paranoid is dis website (for shizzle), and it fukin hates u mayn, u well eventually realize u shuld beat up ur comp, and then ull die because ur stupid and have cancer thats wat bruise is 

for shizzle homie your paranoia hates you man i dont fuckin know why dont ask me because youre an idiot maybe but nobody likes you exactly wat u were afraid ufff